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2009-03-04 05:15:29 by TheRhythmMan

DE_Dust2 Madness
Pre-Loader: 47% Done
Scene 1: 0% Done
Scene 2: 0% Done
Scene 3: 0% Done
Scene 4 (Credits): 0% Done

The Life Of A 1337 Guard (ON HIATUS)
Pre-Loader: 100% Done
Scene 1: 75% Done
Scene 2: 0% Done
Scene 3: 0% Done
Scene 4: 0% Done
Scene 5: 0% Done
Scene 6 (Credits): 0% Done

STAWP YUR SHUFFLIN' - /82747_NoShuffling.php

Here's a preview of a song I'm working on! /56983_TechnoPrototype1.mp3

I will always keep this updated!


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2009-03-04 20:02:28

NGgangsterpimp says:

They sound like they both suck cock. i hope they get blamed. And if i was able to make music, i would make it alot better than you can.

TheRhythmMan responds:

Nick, pretty soon the servers are going to track your I.P to these "Votir" accounts and ban EVERY single account on that I.P (Especially your main one). I'd be careful...


2009-03-05 17:58:21

NGgangsterpimp says:

Wade already knows all of my alts you retard. If he really cared he woulda deleted them by now. Id be carefull? Lmao no. im not doing anything that's going to really harm the entire newgrounds site, so i wont be banned. If i really wanted to hide my accounts from the admins i woulda done it. but i don't want to, cause im not bugging the admins, so im basically safe. And servers don't track it, unless the admins make it track it. the servers don't track it and alert that their my alts just because i have them. Im really not afraid of being banned cause im not pissing off enough people for it to happen. You, are not important to Ng, so nobody cares if i piss you off. Fuck, you also act like people already can't tell that these are my alts even tho every time it says NGgansgterpimp says:. jesus wow. anyways, that little comment you made isn't doing to make me stop.

TheRhythmMan responds:

Look, Ive asked you several times to stop commenting on my pages with all your alts. This is getting stupid. I am sick of looking on here to find a comment from you.
How about you go bother Ojo666 or any other enemy you've recently made. I hope this reply got through your completely thick head...


2009-03-06 14:04:11

ohhh you think im bothering you because its fun. well no. im bothering you because you always have some smart ass response that insults me or threatens me in some way.

Therhymthmfag says:

I hope this reply got through your completely thick head...

Now that is another smart ass response. if you wouldn't have added that part, i would be here commenting again.

Ok dude. i will bet anything that both of those flashes will be blamed in no time after their submitted. And you, are a fucking faggot, and a smart ass motherfucker. Smart ass as a fucking insult. Go suck a dick with your fucking responses.

Give me another smart ass response, or even tell me to go away, and i will comment here again.


TheRhythmMan responds:

Next time I will just delete any comment you post up here...